Misionero's Pete Hernandez Details Lettuce Market and Category Demand

Wed. July 14th, 2021 - by Chandler James

GONZALES, CA - Peeling apart a head of lettuce is akin to opening up a good book, which may be why this trade news writer finds so much comfort in the category. Leafy greens of all varieties are adorning shoppers’ summer spreads, and Misionero is working to meet that demand with its diverse lineup. I recently got in touch with Pete Hernandez, Director of Business Development, to peel back the layers on the supplier’s season.

Pete Hernandez, Director of Business Development, Misionero“We are currently wrapping up week 11 of our 32-week season, which runs from mid-April to mid-November,” Pete began. “In terms of availability, our product volume has been steady throughout the season and will continue to be through July.”

Pete explained to me that last season was full of uncertainties in terms of volume, and some of those concerns have carried over to the current crops. Misionero has also seen some effects on quality due to warmer temperatures and drier weather, which many California-based growers can identify with this summer.

In tandem with the heat, the market has accelerated at a rapid pace as businesses and consumers enter life after the pandemic. This has served as another point of uncertainty for many, but Misionero is seeing positive impacts across the buy-side.

In terms of availability, Misionero's product volume has been steady throughout the season, and will continue to be through July

“As business began to get back to normal, we expected to see a shift from retail to foodservice. However, we’re seeing that retail is continuing to grow alongside the foodservice business due to increased online and home delivery of fresh groceries,” Pete said. “Overall, we’re happy to see that business is back to normal this season and growing each week.”

The market waits for no one, and ANUK will be here to keep you abreast of the latest changes as we return to a sense of pre-pandemic normalcy.