Mucci Farms Gears Up for Exciting Viva Fresh Expo; Bill Boutros and Ken Paglione Share

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Tue. April 9th, 2024 - by Peggy Packer

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - Where will you be on April 11? For our industry, many companies will be touching down in Houston, Texas, for an eventful couple of days at the Viva Fresh Expo! Among them is Mucci Farms, which will be flexing its prowess as a one-stop shop provider for its retail partners. Bill Boutros, Director of Global Supply, and Ken Paglione, Key Account Manager, recently shared some exclusive details.

Bill Boutros, Director of Global Supply, Mucci Farms

“At Viva Fresh, we want attendees to know that we can accommodate produce departments with a full category assortment,” noted Bill. “We are a bell pepper powerhouse, which is an area of focus in the summer months. Our newest item, Savorries, is another hot ticket item, along with seedless and mini cucumbers. With the show having a big supplier focus as well, we are always looking for partners to help us maximize efficiencies in our efforts to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables across the continent.”

While Mucci Farms is a year-round operation, the Viva Fresh Expo falls during a time in which the grower is in full production locally, coinciding with the unofficial start of its season.

Ken Paglione, Key Account Manager, Mucci Farms

“Viva Fresh is particularly a great show for those looking to do business in the South,” Ken added. “There are a handful of regional shows that do a great job of attracting decision-makers from those areas, and Viva is one that truly stands out for us in Texas. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the southern market and engage with retailers, growers, and various suppliers that can help us reinforce the inroads we are making in the region.”

As it looks to the future, Mucci Farms will be focused on expansion in all forms, including its acreage, logistical capabilities, and product portfolio.

Mucci Farms will be highlighting its prowess as a one-stop shop provider of greenhouse vegetables at the 2024 Viva Fresh Expo

“We are advancing our efforts to find the world’s best seed varieties that are resistant to disease pressures, something that has plagued the industry for some time. Our R&D team has done a fantastic job, and we’re hoping to add new flavors to our lineup,” Bill informed me.

How will the grower’s innovative portfolio continue to expand to provide its partners with a one-stop shop? ANUK will be here to report. Until then, be sure to check in with the Mucci Farms team at booth #822 at the Viva Fresh Expo!