Mucci Farms' Stephen Cowan and Emily Murracas Discuss Veggies-to-Go™ Program

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Tue. September 26th, 2023 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - Bringing a veggie for every taste bud, Mucci Farms is doubling down on the success of one of its premier and coveted product lines with the recent rebrand of its Veggies-to-Go™ program. Delighting retailers and consumers alike, the line brings a sleek new look and feel and a versatile range of specs and sizes with customizable options as well.

Stephen Cowan, Director of Retail Sales, Mucci Farms“Our rebrand and relaunch of Veggies-to-Go help retailers envision the impact in produce departments and excitement from kids and their parents who are looking for creative ways to add healthy snacking options to meals,” Stephen Cowan, Director of Retail Sales, shares with me. “Retailers can get an up-close look by swinging by our booth at the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) Global Produce & Floral Show (GPFS) or in the Main Ideas Showcases just outside the show floor.”

The Veggies-to-Go rebrand is another step in Mucci’s strategy to further align with its vision and mission of excellence in innovation.

Emily Murracas, Director of Marketing, Mucci Farms“Veggies-to-Go was very well received when we launched it back in 2017. Over time, we encountered some operational challenges because the harvesting and packaging process was very labor-intensive and not as efficient as we would have liked. As we began to look at improving operational efficiency—and a considerable amount of time had passed since we first launched—we decided now was also a great opportunity to update the look and feel to appeal to a modern audience,” Emily Murracas, Director of Marketing, expresses.

Packaged to perfection, Mucci Farms is reintroducing Veggies-to-Go with multiple options that feature its award-winning Sun Drops™ Sweet Grape Tomatoes, CuteCumber™ Poppers, and Sweet-to-the-Point™ mini pointed peppers. These include new 5 oz top seal offerings that are fully customizable with 2 and 3 pack paper banding options, as well as a family variety package with bag options.

Mucci Farms is doubling down on the success of one of its premier and coveted product lines with the recent rebrand of its Veggies-to-Go™ program

Further helping the brand reach the height of its potential while supporting the local community, Mucci Farms also launched the Tag-a-Teacher campaign to serve its local Windsor/Essex region as part of its debut.

“In the lead-up to back-to-school, we invited our social media followers to tag their favorite teachers and tell us why they were so great at what they do,” Emily states. “Three lucky teachers won a big prize pack including Veggies-to-Go packs for their classes, activity books, and passes to Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, a popular community venue with lots of family fun activities. To top it off, we partnered with four local retailers that stocked the Veggies-to-Go packs in their stores and contributed to the overall prizes.”

Bringing value and innovation to buy-side partners continues to drive Mucci Farms’ mission and vision

With a rebrand that hits on multiple sales and marketing fronts, it only makes sense to introduce the program industry-wide at this year’s GPFS. So, mark your calendars for the show and make sure to swing by Mucci Farms’ booth #481. See you all there!

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