Ocean Mist® Farms' Ben Wilson Details Current Artichoke Market

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Wed. May 18th, 2022 - by Chandler James

CASTROVILLE, CA - At the heart of every artichoke is an eating experience all its own. The one-of-a-kind vegetable lends itself to exciting and elevated meal solutions that both home chefs and foodservice operators can wield to their advantage. Ocean Mist® Farms is widely known as an expert in the category, which is why I turned to the supplier for a recent market update.

Ben Wilson, Artichoke Commodity Account Manager, Ocean Mist® Farms“Ocean Mist Farms has a year-round artichoke season,” Ben Wilson, Artichoke Commodity Account Manager, began telling me. “Currently, we are harvesting supplies from our Castroville/Salinas, California, growing region.”

Ben communicated that the market is firming up, but Ocean Mist has good supplies ready to hit the produce aisle. Quality this season is reportedly excellent and comparable to last season.

“Weather has been moderate to cool, but this has only helped keep quality and supply consistent,” he continued. As I recently learned, the coastal weather provided by Ocean Mist’s growing regions is an ideal climate for growing artichokes.

Ocean Mist® Farms has a year-round artichoke season and is currently harvesting supplies from the Castroville/Salinas, California, growing region

Ocean Mist Farms is known as the Gold Standard of Artichokes®, cultivating both organic and conventional proprietary varieties available in several pack styles from jumbo size to baby chokes.

Investing in an annual Category Insights report, Ocean Mist Farms advises retailers to carry more than three unique artichoke products for maximum category performance. To that end, the company offers several retail-ready and seasonal product options including a 4 count Medium size and a 2 lb Baby size Retail Clamshell, a 2 count Organic Artichoke in a Recyclable Corrugated Clamshell, a 2 count Season & Steam® Microwaveable Artichoke for exceptional convenience, plus the seasonal Purple Artichokes and Frost-Kissed® Artichokes.

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