Ocean Mist® Farms Introduces Spring Promotion with Its Gold Standard Artichokes

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Tue. March 26th, 2019 - by Alexis Schreiber

CASTROVILLE, CA - Ocean Mist® Farms has announced the launch of its spring campaign, Reach for the Gold, to support sales of its “gold standard,” or premier spring artichokes, after making a big splash with a rewarding winter promotion.

Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing, Ocean Mist® Farms“We take great pride in the unparalleled eating quality of our artichokes and the level of farming excellence that goes into maintaining our position as the gold standard in artichoke production,” said Diana McClean, Senior Director of Marketing. “Given the great success of the Peace, Love & Artichokes promotion, which elevated Coachella as the premier growing region for our winter artichokes, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on our core growing region in Castroville, California—the artichoke center of the world!”

According to a press release, the company will launch its 30-day Reach for the Gold promotion beginning April 1st to nurture its growing database of loyal customers with weekly prize-winning opportunities through email-based trivia. The promotion will provide shoppers with tips and inspiration for enjoying artichokes as well as promotional content designed to educate shoppers about the company’s 90 year farming legacy as well as its industry leadership as the gold standard in artichoke growing.

The promotion will provide shoppers with tips and inspiration for enjoying artichokes

Ocean Mist Farms’ first-ever marketing campaign, the brand’s Peace, Love & Artichokes promotion that wrapped up March 1st, aligned with its exclusive winter growing region in Coachella Valley, California. Spurred by an upward trend in artichoke consumption during the winter months, the brand leveraged its strong winter supply and excellent product quality to engage shoppers and drive purchase intent.

The diverse campaign included a Coachella growing region webpage, a sweepstakes, Google, and social media advertising and email marketing, as stated in the press release. As a result, the brand earned 152,000 sweepstakes submissions, preference data from more than 27,000 shoppers, and 7.8 million brand impressions.

Its spring campaign, Reach for the Gold, will support sales of its premier spring artichokes

Ocean Mist Farms’ artichokes' original home is Castroville. The coastal, Mediterranean-like climate in this central California area is a natural fit for this Italian vegetable that thrives best in the area’s mild temperatures. The company’s vertically-integrated production has allowed it to implement gold standard best practices at every stage of the production cycle, from planting all the way through harvesting, processing, cooling, and distribution. These best practices are a culmination of the expertise gained from a 95-year-old artichoke farming legacy.

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