Ocean Mist® Farms' John Chobanian Shares Celery Market Insights

Wed. April 27th, 2022 - by Jenna Plasterer

CASTROVILLE, CA - Perfect for snacking or adding a crisp flavor to any recipe, consumers can’t get enough of celery because of its unique versatility. With its season in full swing, John Chobanian, Commodity Account Manager at Ocean Mist® Farms, keyed me into some celery insights to help retailers stay prepared for continued shopper demand.

John Chobanian, Commodity Account Manager, Ocean Mist® Farms“We are currently in the middle of our Oxnard, California, growing season and will be transitioning up to Castroville, California, around the first of June,” he enlightens. “Right now, we are very steady, and yields have been on point, making for good volume.”

Having remained free of issues caused by Mother Nature, Ocean Mist is seeing strong condition, coloring, and overall appearance for its celery crops. However, weights have been on the lighter side due to some seeder pressure.

Ocean Mist Farms is currently in the middle of its Oxnard, California, celery season, reporting that yields have been on point, making for good volume

“There seems to be ample celery volume industrywide,” John explains. “However, a few are expected to lighten up during the month of May, but Ocean Mist is still forecasting good and steady volume.”

Despite reports from the industry that celery pricing has been on the high side, John tells me that prices have remained steady for Ocean Mist, and there has been firm demand for the commodity.

You read it here. If it's celery your shoppers desire, Ocean Mist has your produce aisle covered.

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