Popular Retailers Make Fortune's List of Best Workplaces for Millennials

Thu. June 30th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

UNITED STATES – Understand them or not, millennials are a growing force in today’s buy-side industry demands. Thus, Fortune Magazine has compiled a list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials, which shows just where the trends are heading for innovation and employment. On the list? Notably familiar retail names like Wegmans, Publix, Whole Foods, and Nugget Market

Fortune compiled its second annual list by surveying more than 88,000 millennials (that is, those born in 1981 or later) at more than 600 companies that have been certified a Great Place to Work, according to Fortune’s website. The rankings were then determined based on employee feedback based on 58 workplace qualities.

If you’re wondering what the average millennial judges their workplace on; sincerity of managerial support, transparent communication, ability to be themselves, and meaning received from their jobs topped the list of concerns.

So just where did these four famous retailers stack up? In an order which may surprise you. Peep the list below to find out just who’s on the top of their game for honing in on this influential consumer, and employee, market: 

#40 Wegmans Food Markets

In testimonials given by employees to Fortune, Wegmans was ranked as being “understanding about scheduling” with “management that actually cares about its employees.” In the eyes of the younger generations, these distinguishments set Wegmans apart in the retail and employment game.

Wegmans currently employs 25,287 millennials, which makes up 57 percent of its workforce. 

#62 Nugget Market 

Fun and safe” were buzzwords thrown around in the Nugget review, with employees stating to Fortune that the environment is “kind and respectful.” Millennials are making a standing statement in working for companies which they feel truly care for them.

Nugget employs 1,016 millennials, which consists of 65 percent of its total employees. 

#74 Publix

One millennial employee divulged greatly to Fortune about Publix’s beliefs in the American Dream as its Founder outlayed, and feeling like they had a “voice at the company.” Another worker cited “opportunities for advancement” with “a fair chance” no matter one's background as their prime employmer qualities.

Publix employs 92,877 millennials, to account for 53 percent of their workforce.

#90 Whole Foods Market 

“Self empowerment” makes Whole Foods a contender for millennial workers, as cited to Fortune. Other employees stated that the company also offers diverse opportunities to “better oneself as a person” through unconvential means of global activism, healthy-eating trips, and utilizing vacation time. Mental health is a top millennial concern.

Whole Foods employs 52,513 millennials across its employment board, which makes up about 60 percent of the company. 

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As millennials continue to make a lasting impact on the industry, and drive emerging trends, AndNowUKnow will continue to have the latest on this influential generation and where they’re headed next. 

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