Raley's Boutique Supermarket Venture, Market 5-One-5, Makes Its Debut

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Mon. May 14th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SACRAMENTO, CA - The time has come for Raley’s new, smaller format store, Market 5-ONE-5, to open its doors to the public. Opening day is Tuesday, May 15th, when customers will be able to peruse the aisles of this local-feeling store that spans approximately one-fifth the size of a typical supermarket.

Tucked into an urban neighborhood, Market 5-ONE-5 sits at the corner of R Street and 10th Street and there, shoppers will be able to find a smaller selection that focuses on healthier and local food options within the literal brick-and-mortar walls that combine rustic charm with urban flare.

Raley's Market 5-One-5 set to open May 15th

ONE is an acronym for organic, nutrition, and education. These being the touchstones for the boutique format store, this is the launching pad to address consumers' searches for new ways to eat better. The number 5 refers to the five senses, the Sacramento Business Journal explained in a recent article.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Michael Teel, majority owner of Raley’s, calls the store’s location "ground zero for the regeneration of downtown."

A sketch of Raley's Market 5-One-5 storefront

To this point, Sacramento city officials are attributing massive growth to this store opening and new housing in the area, where it hopes to launch a 24-hour community with 10,000 new residents flocking to the region.

One key attraction to the new format is that it is managed separately from the rest of the Raley’s chain in order to supply distinct vendors, many of which local, so that customers can enjoy local products and simplicity, Teel told the news source.

Other features that make the store so unique are the following: the precooked foods to take home; the butcher and deli; served-up wine, beer, tea, and kombucha; the 67-space parking lot, and the outdoor patio where customers can sit out front.

It sits at a lively, city epicenter—where artistic cultures from the Warehouse Artist Lofts; great culinary cultures from close proximity to Fox & Goose Pub, Iron Horse Tavern, and others; workday visitations from downtown employees looking for healthy lunch options; and neighborhood charm from those living nearby all meet with ease and sophistication.

Raley's Market 5-One-5 salad bar

For more information on Market 5-ONE-5, check out its website here.

Will this store opening lead to more branches in the future, where Raley’s and chains like it custom design smaller formats in order to bring local and fresh options to neighborhoods in more attractive ways? AndNowUKnow will continue to keep you updated with the latest industry trends.

Raley's Market 5-ONE-5