Raley's Increasing Natural and Organic Health-Food Offerings

Mon. October 6th, 2014 - by Kyle Braver

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA - Raley's is looking to increase its sales numbers in the intensely competitive retail industry with a refocused push on natural and organic products. Produce is to lead the charge in this product mix refocusing, the Sacramento Business Journal reports.

"We have focused on providing an increased number of organic items in our produce departments," Raley's Spokeswoman Nicole Townsend explained. "We intend to move toward (offering) an increasing number of products that are made with natural and organic ingredients -- products that are purely made."

Raley's recognizes the importance of the organics category in the modern retail game, a distinction which has only become more prominent with each passing year. Last year for example, sales of organic products in the United States reached $35.1 billion, an 11.5% increase from 2012, according to the Sacramento Business Journal. 

Raley's is also experimenting with minimal ingredient products, something that doubtlessly appeals to fans of clean-eating diets.

"Some are made with all natural ingredients, adhering to a strict ingredients guideline that the Raley's team has defined internally. Others are made with organic ingredients and others still are USDA-certified organic and GMO-free," she elaborated.

The key, however, will always come back to produce. Especially with respect to fresh produce, more consumers than ever are demanding increased selection in produce aisles every day. For example, a study of parents which AndNowUKnow reported on previously revealed that among respondents, 90% purchased organic products for their children at least “sometimes.” 25% of respondents reported that they “always” chose organic products.

Raley's recognizes that a sizable portion of the American population is now being raised on organic produce and food products. Before long, it will be these individuals making up the next generation of buyers to be wooed by retailers. Raley's wants to be ready.