Raley's Relaunches Newly Designed and Expanded Private Label Offerings

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Fri. February 8th, 2019 - by Anne Allen

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA - Transparency is the name of the game in today’s age of healthy eating. And after announcing the relaunch of its entire private label program, Raley’s is taking that idea to heart. The relaunch includes the Raley’s, Raley’s Purely Made, and Nob Hill Trading Co. brands. It also includes a major expansion of the Purely Made brand, featuring additional standards and products for clean, affordable eating.

Yvette Waters, Nutrition Strategist & Brand Influencer, Raley's“The Purely Made brand standards were very carefully crafted,” said Yvette Waters, Raley’s Nutrition Strategist and Brand Influencer, in a press release. “We thoroughly reviewed the most up-to-date product ingredient research, customer demands, and legislation around certain ingredients before setting on our standards.”

The press release noted that Raley’s Purely Made products are less processed, organic where possible, and free from items on the company’s banned ingredient list. The products are free from over 101 artificial preservatives and ingredients. Raley’s utilized the most up-to-date research and industry standards to update its banned ingredient list. Purely Made standards extend beyond packaged goods to fresh items like meat, seafood, and produce. The Nob Hill Trading Co. brand includes unique, gourmet products with global and local influences.

Raley’s Purely Made calls out key attributes on the packaging, including Non-GMO, No-artificial ingredients and gluten free

The private label relaunch also includes a full design overhaul for all three brands. This packaging redesign conveys value and quality while leaning on the Raley’s name that customers have come to depend upon over the past 84 years.

According to Nielsen data, 59 percent of grocery shoppers experience difficulty in understanding nutrition facts. To combat this, the nutrition label on all relaunched products include the updated FDA nutrition facts panel, which standardizes serving size and is more transparent on added-sugar. In addition, Raley’s Purely Made calls out key attributes on the packaging, including Non-GMO, No-artificial ingredients and gluten free.

The company noted that it has previously discontinued production of private label soda with high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors. Most recently, the company eliminated private label cereals with more than 25% added sugar.

Paul Gianetto, Senior Vice President, Sales & Merchandising, Raley's“We will continue to eliminate SKUs that do not meet our requirements and standards,” said Paul Gianetto, Senior Vice President, Sales & Merchandising. “With our investment in our Raley’s brands, we are showing our customers that we can be trusted to be mindful of ingredients, proudly transparent and passionate about quality.”

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