Shoppers Value Foods Acquires Seven Winn-Dixie Locations

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Fri. February 23rd, 2018 - by Geneva Hutcheson

JACKSONVILL, FL – Shoppers Value Foods entered a deal yesterday, February 22nd, to acquire seven Winn-Dixie Stores according to The Advocate. Though the price has not yet been disclosed, Danielle Satawa, CFO of the Louisiana-based grocery chain, Shoppers Value, spoke to how this acquisition will grow the chain beyond the 11 stores it now maintains in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Pascagoula.

“The addition of these stores brings our presence to New Orleans and expands our Mississippi markets,” said Satawa to The Advocate. “This was a great opportunity for us to move into these markets.”

Winn-Dixie storefront

All these newly-acquired locations will go through renovations and be converted to the Shoppers Value Foods banner. After three to six months, the stores will reopen with their new nomenclature—the retailer aims to complete the process in September and to retain all existing Winn-Dixie employees. Shoppers Value has previously operated acquired Winn-Dixie locations, so this move will not be unique for the company

Hopefully this shift will help save Winn-Dixie from the bankruptcy that we previously reported the company to be considering.

Trey Edwards, Regional Vice President, Winn-Dixie

“We are working together to ensure a seamless transition, and we are confident that the stores being transferred and the talented associates based in these locations are well-positioned for success as they continue bringing value to customers,” The Advocate reported Winn-Dixie Regional Vice President Trey Edwards as saying.

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