Shuman Farms' John Shuman Details Recent Acquisition, Program Expansions, and More in Lead-Up to Southern Exposure

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Mon. March 4th, 2024 - by Anne Allen

REIDSVILLE, GA - An all-hands-on-deck mentality grips the Shuman Farms team as they prepare for a jam-packed Southern Exposure. There’s quite a bit of news to share before the show, so let’s dive right in!

John Shuman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Shuman Farms and Founder, Healthy Family Project

"We are excited to share that Shuman Farms, in partnership with a leading investor in the agriculture sector, has successfully completed the acquisition of Generation Farms," stated John Shuman, President and Chief Executive Officer. "This has allowed Shuman Farms to assume full operational control over Generation’s land and facilities."

Thanks to the success of Shuman’s Vidalia and Peruvian sweet onion programs, it has been able to take on this project—the largest to date for the organization.

“The additional assets have allowed us to add 30 percent more acreage to our Vidalia® onion program. With more packing capability in the new site, plus capital improvements to our existing facilities, we have increased our storage capacity by nearly 25 percent, allowing us to continue distributing Vidalia onions through Labor Day,” John remarked.

Shuman Farms recently completed the acquisition of Generation Farms

On top of expanding its operations, Shuman Farms wants to pinpoint the importance of education at the show. With all eyes on the impact of ‘edutainment’ on consumers, Shuman Farms is hoping it can inspire its partners to tackle this challenge together.

“Based on our own research and industry trends, there is a lot of opportunity to educate the next generation of shoppers on fresh produce. Reaching this age group is different than previous generations and edutainment is an important tactic to do so,” John explained.

Through the company’s programs and content, it aims to educate consumers and help them succeed at their health and wellness goals. That means increasing their knowledge about items in the produce department and educating them on culinary skills to empower fresh cooking.

After the success of its acquisition, Shuman Farms will be able to add 30 percent more acreage to its existing Vidalia® onion program

“In addition, our Healthy Family Project team will be showcasing our Mission for Nutrition program in the Bright Ideas Fresh Arrivals showcase,” John said. “This year, we have expanded to a seven-month program and increased our audience to not only retail dietitians and school nutrition directors but also nutrition experts and registered dietitians in the private sector.”

Shuman Farms and Healthy Family Project will be hosting its Healthy Family Project Reception on Friday, March 8, at 5 p.m. EST.

“Of course, we will also be talking about the upcoming Vidalia crop, which will start shipping mid- to late-April. Currently, the Vidalia crop looks good, and the forecast is favorable with seasonal temperatures and average rainfall,” John added. “We plan to distribute through Labor Day, and we’ve got several robust marketing programs planned at the retail level and the consumer space.”

Be sure to stop by booth #418 to see Shuman Farms and booth #102 to see Healthy Family Project. We’ll see you out on the floor!