Stemilt Growers Celebrate 100th Apple Blossom Festival

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Fri. May 10th, 2019 - by Maggie Mead

WENATCHEE, WA - A major milestone like a centennial deserves an equally major celebration. Stemilt Growers is getting in on the action at this year’s 100th Apple Blossom Festival on May 4 with the festival’s main event—the Stemilt Growers Grand Parade. The family-owned fruit tree company is proud to join the celebration of Washington’s oldest major festival.

Roger Pepperl, Marketing Director, Stemilt“The Apple Blossom Festival is the community’s way to come together each spring and celebrate the arrival of apple blossoms,” commented Roger Pepperl, Marketing Director. “The festival started with a one-day celebration back in 1919 and has transformed into a two-week celebration that includes a kid’s parade, a food fair, craft fairs, three-on-three basketball tournaments, bike criterium, and ends with the much anticipated and infamous Stemilt Growers Grand Parade.”

Formed to accurately reflect the importance of the apple industry in North Central Washington, the Apple Blossom Festival is an annual event beloved by Washingtonians. Stemilt has been involved in the festival for decades and has sponsored the parade since 2003. The Mathisons, Stemilt’s founding family, participate in the parade every year.

Stemilt's involvement with the parade started back in 2003 with the Mathison's

“The Mathisons enjoy supporting the community every year and always partake in the fun,” said Pepperl in the press release. “Tate drives a Stemilt-decorated Polaris; Kyle rode on a 1926 Ford Model-T sporting many of Stemilt’s branded products, and West drove the classic Stemilt Volkswagen Ladybug with former Apple Blossom festival royalty. It’s a family event and fun way to celebrate the new crop beginning.”

In addition to the parade, Stemilt sponsored a 100-year documentary, “A Lot of Fuss About A Parade.” Debuting in April, the documentary captures the history of the festival and the Grand Parade.

“Apple Blossom is a pillar of our community that we are proud to support every year,” Pepperl said. “What a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring and bring a community together to celebrate the things that make our town one-of-a-kind.”

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