Steve Junqueiro Showcases New Wonder Veggies Program Advantages, Benefits, and Vision

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Fri. February 9th, 2024 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

ISRAEL & UNITED STATES - When you listen to Steve Junqueiro speak passionately about a company he admires and supports, you can’t help but give him your full attention and your deepest investment. This was the way I felt leaving a conversation I had with Steve late last year as he shared the mission and growth trajectory of Wonder Veggies.

Steve Junqueiro, President of Wonder Veggies U.S. and Chief Executive Officer of Steve Junqueiro Associates

“Produce is already healthy, but Wonder Veggies is doing something completely innovative with the concept,” Steve, President of Wonder Veggies U.S. and Chief Executive Officer of Steve Junqueiro Associates, told me as the vision of the company began to unfold. “The company has developed some of the first-ever technology for naturally growing probiotic produce.”

I had to stop momentarily to wrap my head around the idea. Essentially, Wonder Veggies is marrying a $1.5 trillion fresh vegetables and fruits growing market with a $68 billion probiotics growing market. By developing a family of formulations and application protocols for naturally grown probiotic vegetables and fruits, the company is tapping into the consumers' desire for value-added health benefits in the foods they eat—especially gut health and probiotics.

And, in a natural way, free of GMOs.

Danny Weiss, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Board Member, and Steve Junquiero introduce the profound benefits of a new innovation in produce

“Wonder Veggies is offering growers and brands the opportunity to introduce groundbreaking premium products, meeting the heightening consumer demand for food that elevates and improves gut health,” Steve revealed.

Currently, Wonder Veggies is ramping up for its debut and working with categories from lettuce and leafy greens to bagged salads, salad kits, carrots, berries, and much more.

The team at Wonder Veggies takes pride in the vision driving their passion and the product that encompasses it

Wonder Veggies was founded in March 2022 by an elite group of AgriFoodTech innovators and is now commercializing five years of scientific research.

Would you like a serving of probiotics with your salad? Yes, please. Stay tuned to find out what the company has in store with this unique program as we dive into more about Wonder Veggies this year.