Steve Shearer Highlights the Bravante Produce California Cherry Program

Tue. May 5th, 2020 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

REEDLEY, CA - California cherries signal several key activities to come: a boost in fresh produce sales, merchandising opportunities, and the kick-off of the U.S. West Coast cherry season with the heightened demand that follows the category. Bravante Produce is gearing up for this advantageous time of year as the company launches into its California cherry season this week.

Steve Shearer, Sales Manager, Bravante Produce“Our Bravante Produce California cherry program is a perfect opportunity to offer that differentiation and excitement that consumers love in the fresh produce department—especially as a way to bring in nostalgia and positive experiences to rival the challenging climate of today,” Steve Shearer, Sales Manager, shares with me. “This will be our second year marketing our own fruit since our cherries have typically been packed by other marketers. This year, we are elevating the category as one that demands a premium and gives a premium experience at retail.”

The first variety to come off the trees will be Brooks followed closely by Coral Champagne. The Tulare variety will wrap up the California Season for Bravante. Sizing looks to be much better than last year, Steve adds, and quality looks excellent.

Bravante Produce noted that the kick-off of the United States West Coast cherry season is characterized by high demand and a boost in fresh produce sales for retailers

Volume will be lighter industry-wide here in California, making for the always anticipated tight cherry market as the West Coast season gets underway,” Steve expresses. “Demand looks excellent for our U.S. retail and export partners.”

Excited to see Bravante’s cherries make their way onto retail shelves? So are we!

Stick with us as we keep you up-to-date with the latest on the West Coast cherry crop and the dynamic market ahead.

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