Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Details Innovation in the Tomato Category

Mon. March 22nd, 2021 - by Chandler James

WOODLAND, CA - They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, in the case of Syngenta Vegetable Seeds, its leading varieties are met with abundant favor from both growers and consumers. Derived from over 150 years of seed breeding research and development (R&D), the company’s more than 350 different varieties of tomatoes are available to growers all over the world.

Jeroen Iprenburg, Technical Sales Representative, Active Greenhouse Crops—North America, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds“Our dedicated specialist teams have brought their expertise in genetics, seed technology, and value chain relationships to deliver a world-leading portfolio,” says Jeroen Iprenburg, Technical Sales Representative for Active Greenhouse Crops—North America. “Our team drives new breakthroughs and ways of working to transform and improve the agricultural industry.”

Some of Syngenta’s hybrids include Sweetelle and Duelle, which are well-known for their taste, texture, and quality. Bamborange, Lemonade, and Ivorymoon varieties were developed specifically by using color experimentation. The variety Nebula, developed by combining native traits specifically linked to sugar accumulation, is known for its flavor, aroma, and crunchy bite. Another of Syngenta’s innovations is the Kumato®-branded varieties, which are on shelves across the country.

Syngenta Vegetable Seeds has over 350 varieties of tomatoes to offer growers all over the world, including its Nebula variety, which is known for its flavor, aroma, and crunchy bite

The YOOM® brand, Syngenta’s most recent development, is exemplary of Syngenta’s breakthrough in tomato breeding, providing an eating experience that awakens all of the senses.

Hans Van Haeff, Technical Sales Representative, Active Greenhouse, Syngenta Vegetable SeedsFeaturing a curious purple exterior, this savory and sweet tomato can be enjoyed in just two bites, containing a higher level of anthocyanins compared to other tomatoes as well as vitamins and minerals,” explains Hans Van Haeff, Technical Sales Representative for Active Greenhouse.This new brand of tomato offers our producer partners and their customers an opportunity to distinguish themselves in the market with an innovative and original product.”

By listening to the market and gathering insights from all links in the value chain, Syngenta steers its R&D efforts to combine the best in seed, trait, seedcare, and crop protection offerings. The company aims for constant improvement of quality and shelf-life on its varieties to help reduce in-store waste and allow products to remain visually appealing longer.

The YOOM® brand, Syngenta’s most recent development, is exemplary of the company's breakthrough in tomato breeding

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