Total Distribution Acquires Assets of Kandel Cold Storage in Tallmadge, Ohio

Thu. November 12th, 2020
- by Chandler James     

TALLMADGE, OH - Acquisitions are all about growth, and Peoples Services-owned Total Distribution, Inc. (TDI) is pressing the gas on expansion. The company recently acquired assets of Ohio-based Kandel Storage as it aims to expand its footprint and bolster its customer base.

Doug Sibila, Chief Executive Officer and President, Peoples Services“The acquisition continues the strategy of further diversifying and expanding the food-related services offered by PSI and its affiliates,” said Doug Sibila, CEO and President of Peoples Services. “Kandel Cold Storage’s key customers were a critical component and rationale for the acquisition. Kandel Transport, Inc., owned by Jack Daniels, will not be impacted by the acquisition of Kandel Cold Storage and will be a key partner of TDI in providing temperature controlled, refrigerated and frozen transportation services.”

According to AJOT, this acquisition builds on Total Distribution’s network of over eight million square feet of warehouses. Kandel will reportedly operate as Total Distribution and continue working from its original facility.

 Peoples Services-owned Total Distribution recently acquired assets of Ohio-based Kandel Storage

Peoples Services works in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, which creates economic opportunities for the state's farmers, processors, and agribusinesses. Kandel Cold Storage has a long history working in the fresh produce industry, leaving us to believe this acquisition will ultimately accelerate Peoples Services' fresh prowess.

What does this team-up mean for the cold storage industry as a whole? And, more specifically, will Peoples Services be pressing the gas on its fresh produce distribution? Stay tuned as ANUK reports.

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