U.S. KORU® Presenting Exceptional Flavor and Beautiful Sizing

Wed. December 13th, 2017 - by Kayla Webb

WENATCHEE, WA — The first commercial release of USA-grown KORU® apples comes just in time for the holiday season, with flavor and size perfect for holiday shoppers craving crisp, sweet, and naturally delicious apples.

Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing, Chelan Fresh

“We’re excited to be part of the KORU family and to work with these other two great companies,” said Chelan Fresh Director of Marketing, Mac Riggan, who noted that 2017 is the first year the company has participated in marketing the new KORU variety with New York Apple Sales and Oneonta Starr.

KORU apples

New Zealand’s season runs from May through September, and the New York crop was harvested right on cue in late September–a month earlier than Washington’s November harvest–which allowed the fruit to hit the market in October.

Jim Allen, VP of Marketing, New York Apple Sales

“We had a great start in October and were able to keep one of our retailers from gapping between New Zealand and U.S. fruit,” Jim Allen, Vice President of Marketing for New York Apple Sales, said in a press release.

New York Apple Sales, Oneonta Starr Ranch, and Chelan Fresh are collaborating on the KORU project, and all report positive findings–with consumer feedback reveling the apple variety’s “Escape Ordinary” flavor profile and characteristics–of the fruit that has risen to the fourth most popular new variety spot in the United States this past summer.

Bruce Turner, National Marketing Representative, Oneonta Starr Ranch

“This is really a great apple, one of my favorites,” said Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers National Marketing Representative Bruce Turner. “It’s interesting that it’s a naturally pollinated cross of Fuji and Braeburn found in New Zealand and yet it tastes like neither parent. In response, consumer feedback has been amazing, and we receive quite a few emails from consumers who tell us how much they love KORU.”

KORU apples

With the KORU apple variety off to a good start and distributing to over 11,000 stores across the U.S. and Canada, retailers and buyers alike should keep their eyes peeled for KORU in 27-pound euro cartons and 2-pound pouch bags now available. And with production in both New Zealand and USA gearing up as young trees mature, the apple variety will soon be available year-round beginning in 2019.

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