Walmart China Partners with Varcode to Enhance Food Safety

Thu. June 25th, 2020
- by Kayla Webb     

CHINA - Once again, Walmart remains one step ahead of its grocery competition. This week, its China division announced a new partnership with blockchain technology provider Varcode to improve its food safety and freshness. The partnership will allow Walmart China to use Varcode’s barcode and mobile app technology to track the freshness of perishable products, according to a report by AdWeek.

Joseph Battoe, Chief Executive Officer, Varcode“For a young company, we’re honored to be selected by Walmart on food safety,” Joseph Battoe, Varcode’s CEO, said to the news source. “They are world-class in logistics and supply chain.”

As part of Walmart’s new partnership, Varcode will begin working with Walmart China’s food safety and produce teams under the retailer’s Food Safety Innovation Pipeline initiative. The teams will implement Varcode’s barcode technology, which aims to decrease contamination, foodborne illnesses, and food waste.

Walmart China's new partnership will allow the retailer to use Varcode’s barcode and mobile app blockchain technology to track the freshness of perishable products like fresh produce

Specifically, Varcode’s technology is able to determine the duration and temperature at which perishables like fresh produce were stored through the use of fatty acid proteins. These proteins are able to break down and alter a products’ barcode ink if a certain temperature is reached. This data can then be tracked throughout the supply chain and on Varcode’s branded app.

AdWeek noted that this technology could be wielded by retailers, foodservice operators, and even meal-kit delivery companies looking to amplify food safety and sustainability.

Will more grocery retailers tap Varcode’s ground-breaking technology? And how will Walmart’s partnership with Varcode alter its internal supply chain? AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

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