Walmart To Expand ShippingPass Program, Moves In On Amazon Prime

Wed. June 29th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

BENTONVILLE, AR – Retailers across the board seem to be clamping down on the rising consumer demand for mobile accessibility, and having groceries and other items delivered to their doorsteps hassle-free. Walmart has announced that it plans to take its pilot delivery program, ShippingPass, into the next steps as it looks to move in on Amazon Prime’s established customer base. 

Fernando Madeira, President & CEO, US“ShippingPass is about half the price of similar programs out there at just $49 a year, and customers who are using it, love it,” stated Fernando Madeira, President and CEO of US in a post on the company’s website. “They shop on more often to take advantage of our low prices, fast shipping, and added benefits of no minimum order requirements, and free online or in-store returns.”

An Amazon Prime membership currently costs around $99, annually. According to The Washington Post, Walmart's announcement could be a continuation of the competition that consumers saw last summer between the brands. Amazon Prime is set to hold its annual Prime Day sale in mid-July, with Walmart’s ShippingPass deals beginning July 1. Walmart is also planning to release "lightning deals" all this month, similar to the ones which Amazon hosts on its own deal day.

“Walmart is known for everyday low prices, and when we have a special price, it isn’t just for a fleeting moment,” continued Madeira. “Our rollbacks typically last 90 days or longer while supplies last.

To gain even more traction against an online community which is already widely familiar with the Amazon platform, Walmart also announced that consumers can now take advantage of a 30-day free trial for the program. Currently, Walmart offers the two-day shipping of ShippingPass on bestselling products only, while Amazon has widely broadened its offerings since its launch in 2005.

This announcement is also inline with Walmart’s recent moves to provide consumers with more easily accessible groceries with its curbside pickup.

Will the store be successful in garnering more attention and online customers with this latest bid?

As the company looks to navigate the highly competitive e-commerce waters, AndNowUKnow will have the latest in retail strategies.

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