Grower-Shipper Association Foundation Presents “Concert at Corral”

Tue. February 3rd, 2015 - by Christofer Oberst

SALINAS, CA - Ever dreamed of walking the red carpet with some of Salinas’ finest? For one night only, the Grower-Shipper Association Foundation is treating 250 people to a night they won’t soon forget, and it all goes to a good cause supporting the increase of produce consumption among kids.

Experience everything there is to love about Salinas and the produce industry. Great food, great music, and great friends all in one intimate venue. For the skeptics out there, this event is hardly going to break the bank. Dinner, wine tasting, a silent auction, and a live concert are included in the price of one ticket ($85.00). At that price, it’s a steal.

The stars of the show will be Doug Ranno, a long time song writer who has strong ties to the fresh produce industry, and his band, The Harvesting Crew. Get a taste of California country mixed with Nashville and a hint of Delta blues while feasting on an incredible dinner and tossing back a couple glasses of wine. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself drooling at the sight of a fruit or vegetable shaped guitar either.

Not your style? Don’t sweat it. Everyone is here to support bringing healthy food and salad bars to kids in Monterey County Schools, and this opportunity won’t last long.

“We are all very excited about this fun-filled evening and expect the event to sell out quickly,” Susan Marscellas, the Grower-Shipper Association Foundation Director, said in a press release. “Doug and some of the members of his band have strong ties to the agriculture industry and they wanted to give back and make a difference.”

To further support the Grower-Shipper Association Foundation, guests can also bid on two unique, custom-made Musical Harvest guitars donated by Doug Ranno. Now you can really rock out and help benefit Samz School of Music and Guitars not Guns – two local Salinas and Monterey County 501c3 nonprofit organizations that aim to give kids the opportunity of music in their lives.

What are you waiting for? Invite a few friends and come down to the Corral de Tierra Country Club Theater at 81 Corral de Tierra Road in Salinas on February 20th for “Concert at Corral” – GUITARS, OLD CARS FOR SALAD BARS. Time is quickly running out!

You can buy tickets by clicking the link below:

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