Loblaw's Mike Venton to Fast in Support of President’s Choice Children’s Charity

Tue. September 30th, 2014 - by Jordan Okumura

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO - Let’s face the facts. One in ten Canadian children fight through a battle with hunger every day. This frightening statistic is what’s motivating Loblaw’s Mike Venton to make a difference and bring awareness to an issue that’s preventing kids from having a truly healthy, long-lasting life. The SVP of No Frills and National Produce and Floral Procurement at Loblaw is spearheading a worthy cause that asks us to help give children the nutrition they deserve and promote the importance of healthy foods in their daily lives.

Mike Venton, SVP of No Frills and National Produce and Floral Procurement of Loblaw

With Loblaw’s support, Mike will be participating in a 24 hour fast through the President’s Choice Children’s Charity. His hope is that with his team’s efforts, he will raise awareness for this startling problem and the struggles these children go through on a daily basis, all while raising life-changing funds for this cause. Together, we can all make a meaningful impact in these children’s lives.

If you'd like to support him yourself, you can donate to his page on the President’s Choice Children’s Charity here.

“In support of President’s Choice Children’s Charity, I am participating in a 24 hour fast. While fasting, I will feel what 1 in 10 Canadian children go through on a daily basis,” Mike shared in a statement to industry members. “With your help, we can make a difference. 100% of the funds raised go directly to the community to support children with nutritious meals who may otherwise go hungry and assists children with disabilities.”

So far, Mike has raised over $6,500. Just one small donation can make a huge difference. Don’t let Mike starve, he is thin enough as it is!

Having looked into the work the President’s Choice Children's Charity has done during the course of writing this article, I must admit how impressed I am. During 2013 alone, this wonderful organization donated $14 million in funds to help prevent child hunger and improve the lives of special needs children in Canada. This is just some of what the President’s Choice Children's Charity did last year:

  • Donated $4 million to Breakfast for Learning.
  • Donated $1 million to the PCCC Basic Needs Brighter Future Program through the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.
  • Supported 2,333 childhood nutrition programs throughout Canada (extending into 2014).
  • Provided 280 special needs children with home or vehicle accessibility modifications.
  • Provided $9.5 million in aid grants to over 2,144 families of special needs children.

On behalf of everyone at AndNowUKnow, I'd like to commend Mike and his team for the wonderful work they are doing for these kids. It's people like this that make our industry what it is.

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