Fresh United Growers

Fresh United Growers
Fresh United Growers is a family-owned company that sells quality vegetables, including organic and specialty greenhouse items. We serve the Southwestern region of the United States to Canada. Our produce is grown in Baja California, Mexico and distributed in Orange County, California. This sets us apart and gives us a unique competitive advantage.

With our direct sales model, we cut out the middlemen to offer retailers the exceptional value of Mexican produce along with the convenience and dependability of Californian service. As a result, consumers get to enjoy a fresher, better quality product at a great price.

We cherish the relationships we’ve built with our customers and pride ourselves on our accessibility. Our personable team is serious about their responsibilities which ensures working with us is always an enjoyable experience.

Because of our direct sales model, we control everything from planting, picking to the packaging and distribution. This level of vertical integration allows us the freedom to make customizations to fit individual retailers’ needs.

In addition, we can quickly adapt to changing conditions and environments. We are at the forefront of industry initiatives such as food safety, sustainability, social responsibility, and trace ability.