NatureFresh™ Farms

NatureFresh™ Farms

NatureFresh™ Farms began as a “build & sell” project in 1999. As a greenhouse designer, manufacturer, and builder, Pete Quiring recognized that the greenhouse industry was in transition, and that technology and innovation would drive continued growth.

Quiring set out to prove that an upfront investment in state-of-the-art greenhouses would have a transformational impact on quality. From that moment forward, he has been perfecting automation for cost control, technology for crop control, and varietal advancements for consumer appreciation.

NatureFresh™ Farms has now grown to become one the largest independent greenhouse produce growers in Canada, as well as one of the largest Greenhouse Pepper grower in North America. NatureFresh™ Farms is a tremendously efficient and highly automated greenhouse vegetable growing operation. Originally modeled after the very best European technologies, it continues to use emerging greenhouse science to achieve new levels of excellence.

With unique merchandising options such as The TomBox™, The TomBar™ or The TomBall™ Machine, NatureFresh™ Farms is putting control back into the consumers’ hands.

Consumers can now choose the type & quantity they want to purchase. Hand selected. Your way. NatureFresh™ Farms provides consumers with not only the ability to choose their produce, but the knowledge of where their food comes from. We want you to know exactly where your produce comes from and how it is grown. We believe that knowledge is key to living a healthy lifestyle.

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