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Yucatan Foods
Yucatan Foods

You are what you eat, so why not eat a healthy snack? Try our guac today! Visit our website for a store near you. www.avocado.com
Give you the world's best tasting, highest quality Guacamole and dips.
Back in 1990, our team asked a few big questions: Why does the so-called guacamole you find in your corner grocery store have to be so icky? Why is it loaded with preservatives and ingredients that are horrible for you? And why is there less than 10% avocado in these guacamoles (and in some cases less than 2%)?
We set out to change that. Let the giant industrial companies churn out green glop. We went to the land where the Avocado was discovered by the Aztecs to find the chunkiest, best-tasting Hass avocados in the world. Today, we hand pick the best season-ripe fruit straight from the vine not ground. We then hand scoop every one making sure we have the best fruit.
Company Overview:
A party's not a party without Yucatan! Who wants to have some mystery guac at their party? Not us!
We make the purest, all-natural guacamole on the market made of 95% percent Avocado and 5% natural seasonings and spices. Imagine 5 whole Haas avocados in every tub. That's Yucatan® Guacamole.
You can find us in the deli and produce sections of grocery stores and believe it or not at some of your favorite restaurants who add a few fresh chopped vegetables to our guac and serve it up.
100% Hand Scooped Guacamole! ... Super Duper Delicious!