Aaron Sumption Details Local Bounti's Grab & Go Kit

Wed. August 30th, 2023 - by ANUK Staff

MONTEREY, CA - Minimizing labor and maximizing efficiency has been incredibly beneficial to foodservice operations over the years, and Local Bounti wants to continue helping its restaurant partners streamline their back-of-house flow. That is where the grower’s Grab & Go Salad Kits come in, and Aaron Sumption, Senior Vice President of Sales, is telling us the details.

Aaron Sumption, Senior Vice President of Sales, Local Bounti“So our Grab-and-Go Salad kits are differentiated because we’re using our greenhouse-grown lettuce, and we’re using very interesting combinations of flavors. We’ve got long-lasting fresh items that are being distributed right in the area that the lettuce is grown,” says Aaron. “They’ve been a huge hit. Everybody’s talking about them, and we’re really excited to expand the program.”

Over the years, Local Bounti has offered Living Spring Mix, Living Butter Lettuce, and Cress, all in large packs for foodservice. Now, the grower is expanding its lineup and how it engages with restaurants by highlighting different flavors.

Local Bounti’s Grab & Go Salad Kits bring convenience and healthy options to both the retail and foodservice fronts with their varying flavor profiles

“We really wanted to touch on some different flavor profiles for our Grab & Go kits,” Aaron shares. “We have a Modern Greek that has a nice tangy flavor with tomatoes and olives. We have some sweeter profiles. We have a little bit of spice note in some of them, and we do have a Caesar option.”

To find out more about Local Bounti’s exciting line of salad kits and more, watch our exclusive video with Aaron above.

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