ABC Television Special to Feature D'Arrigo Bros. of NY, Inc.

Thu. June 16th, 2016
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

NEW YORK CITY, NY - A coming special on ABC Television will put fresh produce in the spotlight as it featured D’Arrigo Brothers New York’s continuous acts to make a difference in the community.

A feature entitled Above and Beyond: Inspiring People in Our Community, the show turns its eye to the wholesaler’s support of Sister Elisabeth Anne, a 77-year-old Catholic nun, with the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Michael D’Arrigo,  Vice President of D’Arrigo Brothers New York“She thanks us each week for helping to care for those in need, but it is we who are thankful that we are blessed to be able take part in her incredible acts of giving and loving kindness,” said Michael D’Arrigo, Vice President of D’Arrigo Brothers New York, in a press release. “It is inspiring to witness Sister Elisabeth Anne do so much for so many for so long, and to realize that her actions are aiding those most fragile in our society.”

As we recently reported, helping to assist in the community it has been a part of for the past 50 years is a deeply-instilled initiative in the company, and the relationship it holds with Sister Elisabeth Anne extends back to the 1970s. From her first visit, the company’s workers have loaded her van with hundreds of pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Michael D’Arrigo,  Vice President of D’Arrigo Brothers and  Sister Elisabeth Anne, Little Sisters of the Poor.

“The kindness of the D’Arrigo family throughout my four-decade relationship with them has allowed me to provide nutritious meals to the needy,” Sister Elisabeth Anne said. “The D’Arrigo family and their caring workers have become like family to me and make sure that any request I make on behalf of the needy is met.”

That relationship has helped her to provide for 80 impoverished residents in her care, ranging from ages 68 to 103, at the Queen of Peace Residence in Middle Village Queens. Nine of them are over 100 years old, she said.

At 77 herself, it’s understandable that providing for the impoverished is very challenging for her, but Sister Elisabeth Anne said the warm embracing welcome that she receives from the D’Arrigo family and their workers provides her the strength to go back week after week. That kindness, she said, keeps her going and, more importantly, allows her to provide a safety net for her very vulnerable residents.

WABC reporter Michelle Charlesworth  interviewing  Michael D’Arrigo,  Vice President of D’Arrigo

Don’t miss the full story when it airs on WABC–TV in New York this Saturday evening, June 25th, from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. EST.

Congratulations to both D’Arrigo Brothers New York and Sister Elisabeth Anne on this recognition of hard work and contributions.

D'Arrigo Bros. of NY, Inc.