Amber Maloney with Wish Farms Explains the Berry Lover Promotion and Expanding Operations

Mon. November 27th, 2017 - by Lillie Apostolos

PLANT CITY, FL - As consumers say goodbye to 2017, one thing that will help them transition more smoothly into 2018’s great unknown is Wish Farm’s Berry Lover promotion. The company’s promotion offers $100 every week to a selected Berry Lover who has signed up on the company’s website or Facebook page, where it currently showcases a unique and eye-catching video ad to encourage people to register. As it runs from December 4th through April 29th of 2018, the campaign is just one way the company is endeavoring to strengthen its lasting relationships with consumers.

Amber Maloney, Director of Marketing, sheds light on the thought process behind the company’s new campaign, and how it is continuing to increase production all over the map.

Amber Maloney, Director of Marketing, Wish Farms“We know that consumers are given a lot of choices when they grocery shop, and this is a way that we can thank them for choosing Wish Farms. The opportunity to reward our loyal fans is one that we are most excited about this season,” Amber shares with me.

The campaign corresponds with a series of sweepstakes, including special offers, messaging, and videos for registered Berry Lovers to enter and enjoy.

The fun promotion pairs well with news of the newly extended farm operations. The company’s added raspberry and blackberry harvests hailing from its Santa Maria, California, farm offer new retail growth and opportunities for its expanding marketing efforts. Along with the expansion, delicious recipes and variety offered to consumers show the company is honing in on its relationships with loyal grocery shoppers everywhere. While its domestic cane berries might have shown up to the party a bit later than a traditional window this season, the company looks forward to future successful harvests.

“Overall, it was a successful cane berry program for us, with favorable quality and flavor throughout most of the season. We look forward to starting in California next year in a more traditional market window. This year we did come in a little later, which ultimately extended our season. A traditional season is May-August with heaviest production in June and July. We are now transitioning to supply coming out of Mexico,” Amber expresses.

As the company looks to the future, its Florida-grown produce is front-and-center. Although the Florida weather has been on the warm side, temperatures look to soon settle into ideal normal averages. The popular Sweet Sensations strawberry variety is sure to fly off the shelves after last year’s booming success, and Amber explains that the company’s operations for the must-have berry are running 7 to 10 days ahead of schedule because of the earlier planting.

Amber shares the company’s changes and how it is working to relate more with loyal customers, telling me, “Given the challenges out West over the past couple months, the industry is ready to transition to a new strawberry crop out of Florida. We look forward to retailers pushing Florida strawberries now-in-season and promoting with seasonal messaging. Grower headshots and bios displayed as point-of-sale is always appealing because it helps connect consumers to the farm.”

With such a strong command over berry production across the U.S., Wish Farms is catering its growth to the needs of its consumers and offering ways to interact with those who love and support the company’s produce. The start of a new year often brings thoughts of creative ways to revitalize our personal, professional, and physical lives. With the Berry Lover promotion, Wish Farms is inviting customers to join in on celebrations for its continued success with a thank you to loyal fan-bases everywhere.

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