Ark Foods' Noah Robbins Discusses Company Evolution and Growth

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Mon. September 25th, 2023 - by Peggy Packer

IMMOKALEE, FL - There are two things—besides fresh produce—we here at AndNowUKnow are extremely passionate about: magic and disco. When a recent exploration of Ark Foods’ vision and company evolution sparked talk of the ’70s and a groovy Spotify playlist, I knew we had to dig deeper into the magic of this produce brand. The hard-working group of veggie enthusiasts knows how to have fun, all while harnessing generational farming expertise to entice consumers into enjoying more vegetables.

Noah Robbins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ark Foods“We deeply respect the art of farming that runs from generation to generation,” shared Noah Robbins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ark Foods, who set out to diversify the traditional farming models found in big agriculture using the experience he gained from growing up with parents in the citrus industry. After discovering a love for Shishito peppers, Noah got to work bringing curious vegetables to the masses.

The Ark Foods legacy began in 2013 with three acres of Shishito Peppers and a vision of building a modern-day farming company focused on making fresh food accessible to everyone. This value is upheld today as the company continues to focus on creating products that “introduce consumers to the magic of vegetables.”

Ark Foods harnesses its generational farming expertise to entice consumers into enjoying more vegetables

Today, Ark Foods has farming operations in six states and ships its products nationwide. Over the past decade, the Ark Foods portfolio has seen significant expansion and growth, entering categories such as tomatoes, squash, and other chili peppers. This expansion is bolstered by the acquisition of a packhouse in Immokalee, Florida, allowing the supplier to streamline operations and efficiencies and cater to broader consumer preferences and culinary needs.

The brand’s commitment to research, development, and innovation has been crucial in developing new products and expanding its From Our Farms line and Clean Label Eats portfolio.

Ark Foods now has farming operations in six states and ships its products nationwide, with a portfolio spanning tomatoes, squash, chili peppers, and more

“Our signature Clean Label Eats products are a promise to our customers and consumers that they can expect the highest level of quality and care from each Ark Foods experience,” shared Noah. “Branding our commitment to growing quality, crave-worthy, plant-based flavors further elevates the magic of vegetables and creates an expectation of consistency and excitement.”

Ark Foods has built its own vertically integrated ecosystem, choreographing every production stage from purchasing the highest quality seeds and minimizing risk for its farmers to growing crops responsibly. The provider has also developed its own sauces and salad dressings, enhancing its consumer experience by offering a complete culinary solution.

Looking to the future, Ark Foods plans to continue its growth trajectory by leveraging its strong foundation and market presence.

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