Avocados from Peru is Launching a National Radio Promotional Campaign this Summer

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Tue. August 12th, 2014 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

PERU - Avocados from Peru is ramping up its U.S. presence with a host of radio campaigns this summer to promote the popular fruit. The initiative, which has gained momentum, is now expanding on a national scale. Initially kicking off with a soft launch, the campaign has evolved from 8 markets to 25 and spreading. More than 120 stations are airing over 25,000 Avocados from Peru spots. The campaign is slated to extend over a 10-week period, providing a unique platform for marketing Avocados from Peru and establishing the origin as a competitive player in the game.

“Peruvian avocado volumes have seen unprecedented growth this season. This campaign creates a new type of media experience for the avocado category and is a part of the Peruvian Avocado Commission’s expanding international brand platform.  The summer months are a great time to promote avocados and Peruvian avocados are one of the only origins at this time, promoting such a strong marketing campaign at a national level,” Xavier Equihua, CEO of the Peruvian Avocado Commission (PAC), tells me. “These radio commercials provide each customer and station with the chance to record unique messaging with their own individual nuances and flare.”

One of these popular campaigns promotes “5 avocados for $5” and is being utilized by Giant and Stop & Shop in the organization’s top East Coast markets in New York and New Jersey, each lasting about a week.  

“This ‘5 for $5’ campaign is a great example of how micro-tailored this campaign is.  Instead of offering a pre-recorded spot with a tag we are offering retailers an opportunity to fully customize their promotions through radio spots.  We believe this is a first for the category at the national level," Xavier notes.

Avocados from Peru is also ramping up its social media presence on the web and on its Facebook page, to support the radio campaigns and international platform.  This month, the Association is looking to launch several more social media initiatives.  So, keep on the look out.

Avocados from Peru is Launching a National Radio Promotional Campaign this Summer

The Association is partnering with two radio stations in Los Angeles, California, to offer kitchen prize packs for a Avocados from Peru Color Kitchen Makeover with kitchen accessories such as an avocado-green Kitchenaid Mixer, oven mitts, wall clock, and Benjamin Moore avocado green paint.  On the horizon, Avocados from Peru will begin on-air demos in select markets that will include coupon giveaways and contests tailored to regional demographics.  Other stations are taking the Avocados from Peru program to their own websites for contests, recipes introductions and consumer engagement.

“This different approach to traditional radio spots and tags stays away from pre-recorded messages that tend to be very specific and inclusive in style.  Everyone has their own messaging…from country music to top ten.  This platform is a collaboration that gives our partners the best tools we can, to deliver the message.”

“We will deliver our avocados directly to the show locations, allowing DJ’s to create a conversation around recipes, usage and of course the wonderful flavor and versatility. This advertising and consumer response is continuing to drive retailer interest in our campaign. It is an exciting time.”

This season will see the largest crop of Peruvian avocados to-date, ready and waiting for promotional opportunities. The company tells me that no other avocado brand has offered so many radio market programs during a specific period at a national level, in this case the summer months.

“Demand for fresh avocados in the United States is increasing approximately 10% every year and Peru is poised to meet this growing consumer demand, as we are demonstrating this summer,” added PAC Board Chairman Enrique Camet. 


Stay tuned for more buzz from Avocados from Peru.

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