Bonduelle Fresh Americas Launches New Products

Wed. November 13th, 2019 - by Lilian Diep

IRWINDALE, CA - If there’s anything that I have learned in my short time in the produce biz, it’s that ‘fresh’ and ‘new products’ are key buttons to be hitting. So when Bonduelle Fresh Americas announced that it was releasing a bevvy of new fresh products, the flashing lightbulb in my head went off. Seven new products have hit the shelves, and it’s time for me to do some taste testing.

Priscila Stanton, Vice President of Marketing, Bonduelle Fresh Americas“The extension of the Bonduelle brand with the new Bonduelle Fresh Picked™ Gourmet Entrée Salads was the perfect opportunity to take what we’re known for—fresh, convenient salads on-the-go—and take it up a notch to appeal to a consumer looking for something beyond the familiar,” said Vice President of Marketing Priscila Stanton. “We wanted to challenge the status quo of prepared salads to bring a bit of indulgence to our recipes with premium ingredients you won’t find in other ready-to-eat salads, such as Manzanilla Spanish green olives, shaved aged parmesan, or crispy cornbread crumble.”

The Fresh Picked™ Gourmet Entrée Salads are perfect for consumers looking for a different and elevated on-the-go item

Marked by premium ingredients and a nod to time-tested recipes, these Gourmet Entrée Salads elevate the category in ready-to-eat and customizable options that crosses the spectrum of flavors and textures while still maintaining the optimum freshness consumers crave in a packaged salad. Additionally, the square bowl features the Fresh Air Seal™ process, which extends the shelf life of the salads without preservatives, so they stay fresher longer, allowing health-conscious shoppers the confidence to stock up for the week in just one grocery trip.

According to the press release, the Fresh Picked Gourmet Entrée Salads are now available in the produce aisle of Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, and Pavilions stores on the West Coast with plans to expand distribution nationally. The salads are available in five varieties:

  • Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken Strips
  • Spanish Inspired Chef Salad with Smoked Ham
  • Sonora Inspired Salad with Seasoned Grilled Chicken
  • Steak & Bleu Chopped Salad
  • Apple Walnut Baby Greens Salad with Quinoa

Not only is BFA expanding its Bonduelle brand, but it’s also expanding its Ready Pac Foods brand, too. Two new Ready Pac Foods Bistro® salads are joining the line-up in the form of the Slider and Reuben salads.

The Ready Pac Foods Bistro® salads are now available at local grocery stores, including Wegmans and H-E-B

“We are always looking for new ways for people to eat healthier, and that means extending our ever-popular Bistro Salad line with exciting flavors and ingredients,” commented Stanton on the Ready Pac line. “Our two new salad recipes allow consumers to enjoy a delicious, indulgent slider or a Rueben in a healthier and guilt-free way.”

With a name like Slider or Reuben, one should expect some sliders or beef involved, and BFA didn’t disappoint—mouthwatering mini charbroiled burger patties are included in the package, sitting on a bed of crisp iceberg and romaine lettuce and topped with grape tomatoes, cheddar cheese, dill pickle-flavored croutons, and Thousand Island dressing. Meanwhile, the Reuben Salad features uncured corned beef, shredded swiss cheese, and sauerkraut-flavored pumpernickel rye croutons. The Bistro salad is also served with red cabbage, iceberg and romaine lettuce, and dressed with Thousand Island dressing. These salads are now available at local grocery stores, including Wegmans and H-E-B.

As more companies come up with more fresh and new products, ANUK will keep you up-to-date.

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