Braga Fresh’s Heather Fuller Discusses Current Celery Market and Promotional Volumes

Fri. February 12th, 2021 - by Anne Allen

GONZALES, CA - Celery is a produce mainstay in my household, mainly because I can’t get enough of each crisp, sweet bite. Demand for celery continues to climb amongst consumers outside of myself, too, which is why it’s always on my list of categories to check up on. To help me, I turned to Heather Fuller, Senior Director of Sales over at Braga Fresh.

Heather Fuller, Senior Director of Sales, Braga FreshOrganic celery supplies are strong for the month of February. Quality is excellent on both full size and hearts with great color and proportion,” Heather shared with me. “The market has stabilized, but labor remains an issue in the desert growing regions. With a large percentage of the labor force crossing the border every day, the industry faces challenges from long lines at the border, increased screening due to COVID-19, and increased protocols in the field to keep our teams safe.”

With that in mind, Braga Fresh has Organic celery coming out of multiple growing regions, including Mexico, Yuma Valley, and the Imperial Valley. Its Josie’s Organics celery from these regions will be available through May.

Strong organic celery supplies and climbing consumer demand equal a recipe for retail program success, reports Braga Fresh

Heather also noted that, with the promotable volume available, retailers should look to adding celery to their February ads.

“Celery prices have settled in the low $20’s with volume deals available. We have just come off a $45 market, and with favorable weather conditions we expect the market to remain stable. Traditionally, January is a strong demand month coming off the holidays, with ‘Healthy Eating’ promotions,” she commented. “February demand dips a bit, and prices this year mirror what we historically see in February—a stabilizing of the market. We are well-positioned with current plantings and multiple growing areas to serve the needs of our organic customers as we head into spring.”

As we continue to report on market updates, please stick around with the writers of AndNowUKnow.

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