Calavo Growers Welcomes Guido Doddoli Cárdenas as Sales Manager, Export Division, Calavo Foods; Ron Araiza Comments

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Thu. May 16th, 2024 - by Chandler James

SANTA PAULA, CA - We come to you this morning bearing more exciting news from the fresh produce sphere. Calavo Growers announced Guido Doddoli Cárdenas has been named the new Sales Manager, Export Division for Calavo Foods. Doddoli began on April 30 and reports to Ron Araiza, Executive Vice President.

Guido Doddoli Cárdenas, Sales Manager, Export Division, Calavo Foods

In this role, Doddoli will be focused on building and managing sales for Calavo’s guacamole and processed avocado business in Mexico, the United States, and other international markets. A press release noted that his position is based in Uruapan, Michoacan, Mexico, where Calavo’s avocado processing facility is located.

Doddoli comes to Calavo with an illustrious family heritage and deep-rooted experience in the Mexican avocado industry, including growing, production, and project management in fresh and processed avocados.

Calavo Growers announced that Guido Doddoli Cárdenas has been named Sales Manager, Export Division, for Calavo Foods

Prior to joining the sales team at Calavo, Doddoli worked as Sales Manager for Grupo Freza where he expanded the company’s portfolio in the U.S. market and worked to facilitate entry into new markets in Europe, Oceania, Mexico, and the United States. He also brings innovation and product development experience to his new role with diversification into industrial and foodservice markets.

Ron Araiza, Executive Vice President, Calavo Foods

“The addition of Guido will add tremendous value to our experienced Sales team. We are eager to tap into Guido’s aptitude and network as we continue to build our retail and foodservice programs and look forward to his impact,” stated Araiza.

Congratulations to Guido Doddoli Cárdenas!