California Avocado Commission Says Trending Poke and California Bowls Push Avocados for Foodservice

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Tue. April 4th, 2017 - by Robert Schaulis

IRVINE, CA – A popular salad and snack in Hawaii, and a burgeoning food trend in the continental U.S., poke is fast becoming a staple. From supermarket foodservice, to fast casual and white tablecloth settings, poke is cropping up across the country, and the California Avocado Commission is offering support to curious retailers and foodservice professionals with on-trend recipes and serving suggestions.

California Avocado and Mango Poke

The salad traditionally starts with a base of cubed seafood, and variations include increasingly popular versions incorporating fresh California avocados.

According to a California Avocado Commission press release, freshness is key for both poke and California avocados. Both depend on availability—poke on the freshness of its primary ingredients, and fresh California avocados on seasonality—and chefs and foodservice providers can rely on both to build diversity and deliciousness into their menus. The commission noted that poke can be a perfect vehicle for avocados, and the smooth texture of the fruit offers an ideal foil for fish tossed in soy sauce, green onions, and sesame oil.

Roasted Unagi with California Avocado Sushi

The commission offers a variety of serving suggestions—including a vegetarian California Avocado and Mango Poke. Recipes include a Roasted Unagi with California Avocado Sushi, and a Salmon and Brown Rice Bowl with California Avocado Hollandaise, as well.

Visitors to the California Avocado Commission website can browse an entire database of on-trend recipes and menu solutions for all dining segments and dayparts, as well as finding helpful resources on nutrition, selection, storage, and handling.

California Avocado Commission