Cardenas Markets Becoming One of California’s Fastest Growing Independent Grocers

Wed. April 15th, 2015 - by Jessica Donnel

ONTARIO, CA - Beginning with a lucky twist of fate and many years of hard work, Cardenas Markets is becoming one of California’s fastest growing independent grocers, and all signs point to even more growth for the company.

In 1957, Founder Jesus Cardenas arrived from Jalisco, Mexico to work as part of the "bracero" work program. Years of working in the fields led him to different locations all over the state of California, from Riverside, Oxnard, to the Coachella Valley. All three of these areas would later become prime locations for Cardenas Markets.

Cardenas Markets

With his wife, Luz, Cardenas built the foundation of his success by selling pork, poultry, chorizo, and cheeses, as well as traditional Jalisco dishes from Mrs. Cardenas' home.

The rest is history. Cardenas Markets has over 30 stores in Southern California and Las Vegas, and employs more than 3,000 workers total.

Cardenas specializes in flavors from Latin America, but the company also prides itself on its unique shopping experience. The goal, according to Marco Robles, Public Affairs Director for Cardenas Markets, is to give customers the feeling they are shopping in an outdoor plaza environment. 

Cardenas Markets

“It’s a combination of Disneyland, New York, New York approach,” Robles told The Valley Business Journal.

The festive interior mixes traditional Latin style with modern market décor. As you walk through the store, you feel as if you were in an outdoor plaza. The sights, music, and smell of the fresh merchandise are a unique part of the shopping experience. Cardenas provides a familiar environment for families to feel comfortable and engage with the store as much as the items they are purchasing.  

Cardenas Markets

With recent expansions in Murrieta, Las Vegas, and a $55 million acquisition of Anaheim-based Pro’s Ranch Markets, the future looks bright for the Latin-style market.

Cardenas Markets