Charlie's Produce's P.J. Cawley Discusses Current Melon Market

Thu. June 11th, 2020 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SEATTLE, WA - It might have been the dramatic spike in temperature, but I found myself with melons on my mind and wondered if the wider consumer mentality might be on my wavelength. It turns out, with demand rising and product rolling in to meet it, that very well could be the case.

When I asked P.J. Cawley, Global Purchasing Manager/Organics for Charlie’s Produce, about the company’s melon portfolio, I knew I was on the right track.

P.J. Cawley, Global Purchasing Manager/Organics, Charlie’s ProduceTo start, he shared that Charlie’s Produce provides “any and all” one could want in the category. Watermelon of all sizes, cantaloupe, green and orange honeydew, galia, canary, snow leopard, crenshaw…just to name a few.

“And probably more that I’m forgetting,” he laughed.

No matter the melon, though, he shared that the market is currently on track for a solid balance between demand and supply.

Charlie’s Produce provides watermelons of all sizes, cantaloupe, green and orange honeydew, and galia, canary, snow leopard, and crenshaw melons, amongst others

“The market is solid as we transition out of Mexico to domestic desert regions and into the California Central Valley, which is taking place over the next few weeks,” P.J. said.

Demand is on the rise, and a small overlap between both regions will ensure that it is met, with the transition looking consistent so long as Mother Nature holds out.

“Eating quality all around is looking fantastic,” P.J. told me. “Weather in Hermosillo, Mexico, delayed the start of the region’s season a little, but things appear to be tracking well currently.”

Charlie’s Produce’s P.J. Cawley shared that the melon market is currently on track for a solid balance between demand and supply

As he pointed out, 2020 has presented a unique challenge to suppliers in rerouting product originally meant for foodservice. But, as restaurants begin to restart operations, we will hopefully soon see that reflected in the market.

And for those shopping for something unique to offer in the produce department, harvest time is approaching on the newly branded YUMI Organic Black Seedless Watermelon. To learn all about that summer treat, see our earlier story here.

With melons and many more fruits and veg on ANUK’s collective mind, keep checking in for all the latest.

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