Country Sweet Produce & Doreva Discuss this Thanksgiving Season's Unusually High Pricing

Tue. November 4th, 2014 - by Kyle Braver

BAKERSFIELD & LIVINGSTON, CAThis Thanksgiving season, an exceptionally strong market will be awaiting California's sweet potato growers when their crops are ready for market. While there are large volumes of America's sweet potato production east of the Mississippi, California's growers raise a key part of the U.S. crop, helping to bring a sizable quantity of premium quality potatoes to market each year. 

Country Sweet Produce's Sales & Commodity Manager Cody Rose shared with me that prices are currently hovering around the $22-$24 dollar range for the grower's #1 sweet potatoes featured in its ads. Considering that the typical price point for these sweet potatoes comes in around the mid-to-high teens, the current market represents a significant premium for California growers.

Cody Rose, Sales & Commodity Manager, Country Sweet Produce“The market has been very favorable for Country Sweet so far this year,” Cody explained. “There's a lot of excitement built up around this year's sweet potato crop. The quality of our sweet potatoes, combined with the prices being offered in this year's market have set the foundation for one of Country Sweet's best seasons yet.”

Doreva Produce's Manager Aaron Silva agreed wholeheartedly with Cody's assessment of today's market. “Pricing has remained very steady,” he agreed. “It is probably the best in years. I would say that we are about 20% higher than last year.”

Harvesting operations for Country Sweet and Doreva's full line of premium, California-grown sweet potato varieties are already in full swing and quality and volume are looking excellent this year, according to reports out of the field.

“Volume and quality have both been outstanding this year,” Cody shared with me. “With the production we've gotten from our California farming operations, I'm confident that Country Sweet Produce will be able to meet demand for our full range of sizes with an excellent looking product worthy of being the centerpiece at Thanksgiving dinners everywhere.”

“We are working hard to get the sweet potatoes harvested to be ready for the holidays. California’s unique climate and weather makes for a beautiful looking potato with great eye-appeal that consumers are looking for,” Aaron agreed. “The demand is there! We have a slightly lower yield this year, but quality is great, and we have enough product to make it through this busy season.”

Even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving season, these growers are already thinking about the future, considering new avenues for category growth. For example, Country Sweet's microwavable bags have been a big hit with retailers, a trend which the grower plans to double down on as the market moves into the new year. Similarly, Doreva is working with dedication to grow California sweet potato consumption throughout the year, further establishing California's place as a market leader in the category. For now though, all eyes are on Thanksgiving, and based off today's reports, it's looking to be a great one.

Congratulations on an excellent start to the Thanksgiving season, Country Sweet Produce and Doreva Produce!

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