Crowley Maritime Adds 400 Refrigerated Containers to Its Equipment Fleet

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Tue. December 8th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Crowley Maritime Corporation is looking to meet the demands of peak shipping season in Central America and the Caribbean with the addition of 400 new refrigerated cargo containers to its equipment fleet.

Steve Collar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, International Liner Services, Crowley Maritime Corporation“Putting these containers into service is part of our continued commitment to maintain the highest quality equipment for our customers just in time for the peak refrigerated shipping season,” said Steve Collar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, International Liner Services.

Each unit is a 40-foot high cube and is being delivered in Santo Tomas, Guatemala to accommodate Central America’s heavy northbound reefer season, according to a press release. The season is currently underway and will last through May 2016.

Crowley Maritime Corporation

The containers are also equipped with Carrier’s high efficiency PrimeLINE® refrigeration units in order to boost efficiency and reliability.

“Our expert staff continuously evaluates our fleet for its ability to meet the customer’s needs,” Collar continued. “If there is room for improvement, Crowley does not hesitate to make the investment to ensure we have the right equipment in the right place at the right time.”

Crowley Maritime Corporation

To date, the company has invested over a quarter of a billion dollars in new cargo equipment for its liner services fleet. This is just one more way Crowley hopes to better serve the needs of its perishables customers.

Crowley Maritime Corporation