Crowley Maritime Corp. Invests $25 Million in New Cargo Carrying Equipment

Mon. January 4th, 2016 - by Christofer Oberst

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Crowley Maritime Corp.’s liner services group is investing $25.5 million in new cargo carrying equipment, significantly expanding its fleet for the New Year. 

The expenses will go towards the addition of:

  • 325, 20-foot chassis
  • 500, 45-foot (102-inch wide) dry containers
  • 600, 53-foot (102-inch wide) dry containers
  • 440 generator sets (gensets), some of which are underslung and some that are nosemount

Crowley Maritime Corporation

Crowley said that it is committed to meeting the needs of its customers, going so far as making the necessary investments to ensure the right equipment is in place. 

Steve Collar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, International Liner Services, Crowley Maritime Corporation

“While we transport many different types of cargo, including that which is oversized, or otherwise not suitable for a container, the majority of cargo we carry throughout our trade lanes is containerized, and as such, we must continue to enhance our fleet to ensure we have the right equipment in the right locations when it is needed by our customers,” Collar said in a press release.

This latest fleet expansion follows the company’s recent addition of 400 new 40-foot, high-cube refrigerated cargo containers for use by perishables customers in Central America and the Caribbean.

Crowley Maritime Corporation

The 600, 53-foot containers in particular are designed specifically for Crowley’s Puerto Rico customers. These boxes have a capacity of nearly 4,000 cubic feet.

The 500, 45-foot containers, on the other hand, will leave for the United States at the end of December and arrive in Port Everglades and Jacksonville, Florida, by the end of January.

The remaining equipment is expected to arrive within the first half of 2016.

Crowley Maritime Corporation