D'Arrigo Bros. of NY, Inc.'s Gabriela D’Arrigo Discusses Continued Growth for 2017

Tue. November 15th, 2016 - by Jessica Donnel

NEW YORK, NY - With a focus on growth in its organics sector, to a continued strengthening of its logistics and inventory management operations, we’re heading into another exciting year of change for D’Arrigo Bros. Co. of New York. For the Bronx-based full-service wholesaler, it's about building a company that can serve as a kind of one-stop-shop for its customers at Hunts Point Market.

Gabriela D’Arrigo, Director of Marketing & Buyer for Organic Produce, D’Arrigo Brothers of New York

“Terminal market companies need to specialize in being the ‘jack of all trades,’ as backwards as that sounds,” Gabriela D’Arrigo, Director of Marketing and Buyer for Organic Produce for the company, explains to me. “Offering organic products is no exception, and the organic segment plays a significant role in our growth plans.”

D’Arrigo Bros. NY has spent the past year or so focused on widening of its offerings, particularly the types of products millennials crave—organics, specialty, and value-added products.

Organic Produce

“Buyers should increase their organic offerings because they need to,” Gabriela stresses. “More and more consumers of the coming generations are looking for it, and if you don't have it, they will go somewhere else. That, along with specialty and value-added products, are things that are really appealing to millennials right now.”

Beyond the company’s push into new sectors, D’Arrigo NY is also doubling down on its already strong inventory management and logistics operations. Providing its customers with great inventory management is something Gabriela says is a high priority for the company, telling me the extra help in a daily operation runs smoothly thanks to all of those little things being done correctly without you ever having to think about it. And in conjunction with D’Arrigo’s logistics program, Gabriela tells me it's easier than ever for the company to meet its customers' needs as a full-service wholesaler.

D'Arrigo Shipping Truck

“On average, we receive roughly 65 loads of fresh produce a week coming from all over the country,” she continues. “We are delivering majority of that product on our 31 delivery vehicles across the Northeast. Our system allows us to have mapped out routes and GPS with each driver so we know where a truck is at any given time.”

After a year of growth and new ventures for the company, it seems even more big plans are on the horizon for D’Arrigo NY. Stay tuned as we head into another exciting year for the full-service wholesaler.

D'Arrigo Bros. of NY