David and Brianna Posner Detail Incoming Awe Sum Organics Kiwifruit, Avocados, Blueberries, and Table Grapes

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Thu. May 18th, 2023 - by Lilian Diep

SANTA CRUZ, CA - The birds are singing, the produce is brimming, and the shoppers are running—to their nearest store, that is. Word on the street: Awe Sum Organics is continuing to fill up produce aisles this season with a cornucopia of seasonal offerings. I chatted with David and Brianna Posner to learn more about the organic fruit retailers can be expecting.

But first, let’s dig into the kiwifruit.

David Posner, Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Awe Sum Organics“We’re excited to get into the middle of May with excellent supplies for our customers,” David, Chief Executive Officer, President, and Founder, starts off. “Our SunGold™ and green kiwifruits from Zespri New Zealand and green kiwis from Chile are harvested with strict, high matter level standards ensuring consistent eating quality and sweet flavor. The first SunGolds have just arrived at both coasts, and the quality and flavor are totally awe sum! Green kiwis are expected to begin arriving in late June, and we provide different bulk sizes, clamshells, and cello bag options.”

Eager avocado consumers won’t be able to pass by the importer’s Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian supply. The company’s avocados are very high quality, eliciting exceptional eating quality with a rich, nutty flavor and creamy consistency. Various pack styles are available for retailers to best maximize register rings, including bulk and assorted count sizes.

Awe Sum Organics is continuing to fill up produce aisles this season with a bevy of fresh offerings, including SunGold™ and green kiwifruits from Zespri New Zealand and green kiwis from Chile

Next up, the start of the blueberry season.

Brianna Posner, Marketing, Awe Sum Organics®“Our growers are getting ready to start the Peruvian blueberry season. Availability on both coasts will go from late August through possibly into March. Our fertilization program and fast transport times allow us to bring in blueberries with great flavor, crunch, and shelf-life,” notes Brianna, Marketing. “We are expecting to have a strong supply, so this upcoming season is bound to be an Awe Sum promotional period. Our high-quality blueberries will be packed to order onshore here in the U.S. in various clamshell offerings this season. Shoppers will be pleased when they taste the sweet and crunchy berries, making them want to keep coming back for more.”

I’m seeing full baskets lining up and down the produce section as shoppers take in the bountiful harvest—but we’re not done yet. What fruit bowl could be complete without table grapes?

The grower kicked off the blueberry season with its Peruvian growers, bringing high-quality berries to be packed to order onshore here in the U.S.

“We are already working with all four of our grape growers in preparation for the Peruvian grape season,” continues Brianna. “Additional supply of red and green seedless grapes are on the horizon as we plan to begin the harvest a bit earlier than last season. This will provide ample supply for U.S. consumers as soon as the California supply is finished.”

Awe Sum is loading its grapes on both coasts in different cartons, pouch bags, and clamshells. The company’s growers use Awe Sum’s patented method for improving budbreak in table grapes, which is 100 percent organically approved by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

As always, all the incoming produce is grown organically, a value point Awe Sum strictly adheres to.

Along with ample supply of Peruvian red and green table grapes, shoppers have plenty of choices for avocados with imports from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia

“We have been 100 percent organic and a pioneer in the organic produce industry since 1985. It has been our focus to bring sustainable and non-GMO agriculture year-round since David founded the company,” Brianna explains. “His passion for safe and sustainable farming earned him the nickname ‘David Gardner.’ He was one of the first people in organics to work with farmers in Mexico, South America, and New Zealand. Our long-standing relationships with many of our initial growers are still going strong—over 35 years later.”

In partnership with its extraordinary growers, Awe Sum strives to minimize its carbon footprint and keep soil healthy for future generations. The company continues to streamline its processes for maximum efficiency. And with interest in the category continuing to rise among shoppers, Awe Sum remains steadfast in its commitment to bring product that is free of preservatives, pesticides, or chemicals.

Holidays and beautiful weekends are knocking on our doors, and Awe Sum Organics is providing opportune gifts this season. Keep the door open for ANUK as we will bring the latest industry news.

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