DMA Solutions Announces Topics and Dates for Summer Marketing Matters Webinar Series

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Wed. June 2nd, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

DALLAS, TX - As we continue to slowly reintegrate pre-pandemic activities in a safe way, education in the industry will always remain at the top of our minds when it comes to innovation and growth. While we continue to host virtual events and stay connected, DMA Solutions is providing a new wave of materials to focus on as it announced the 2021 summer topics and dates for its interactive webinar series, Marketing Matters.

Megan Zweig, Vice President, DMA Solutions“The topics we present during the webinars are those that we believe are most impactful to food marketers today,” said Megan Zweig, Vice President of DMA Solutions. “It’s our intent to provide fresh produce marketers with both strategic concepts and tactical next steps to help them elevate their brands and increase the consumption of fresh and good-for-you foods.”

According to the release, the topics were chosen to prepare marketers for the second half of the year by highlighting current and relevant subject matter. The roster includes several days, each with a unique topic such as:

  • June 24 - Reaching Gen Z: Realities and Expectations for Fresh Produce Marketers
  • July 29 - The Role of Diversity in Fresh Produce Marketing
  • August 26 - Preparing Your Marketing for the Holiday Season

DMA Solutions has announced the 2021 summer topics and dates for its interactive webinar series, Marketing Matters

DMA Solutions' growing webinar series will cover a variety of topics that are meant to be informative and discussion-based. Zweig; Marci Allen, Account Marketing Director; and Mackenzie Wortham, Account Director, will be presenting key information and facts as well as insights and best practices for marketing in the fresh food space.

First launched last July, DMA Solutions is aiming to provide fresh produce marketers a forum for learning, sharing, and fostering an open dialogue. Over the past year, DMA has hosted over 250 attendees from 165 different companies within the produce industry.

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