DMA Solutions Discusses the Importance of a Messaging Guide; Megan Zweig Comments

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Fri. May 27th, 2022 - by Chandler James

DALLAS, TX - One of the questions I always ask when interviewing a company about its campaign is, “What is the primary messaging?” The message behind a brand is just as important as the logo displayed on the package, and how you communicate that message is more crucial than ever. DMA Solutions discussed just this in a recent blog post, noting how a strong messaging guide could be the key to greater brand visibility.

Megan Zweig, President, DMA Solutions“A messaging guide serves the brand in several ways, but perhaps the most beneficial is the establishment of a brand's compass or direction when writing or speaking about the brand, whom it serves, and why it is important to the world,” wrote Megan Zweig, President.

In the blog post, Megan stated that a clearly defined position in the marketplace is a top driver behind brand messaging. Without strong positioning, it will be more difficult to communicate with consumers in an effective way.

Megan also relayed that a messaging guide works to bolster operations internally as well. By defining a clear brand message to be used company-wide, all employees and stakeholders will be able to pass that messaging on, whether it’s along the supply chain, interacting with a customer, or just talking with a friend.

In a recent blog post, DMA Solutions detailed how a strong messaging guide could be the key to greater brand visibility

Lastly, when you have a messaging guide, marketing becomes a bit more simplified. As Megan wrote, clear, company-wide messaging can serve as a strong marketing vehicle by which all of your promotional materials are defined. Having this foundation is an integral aspect of effective marketing.

To support its partners in this process, DMA’s Essential Services provides the opportunity to develop and finalize a messaging guide in roughly 45 days or less.

Be sure to link up with DMA Solutions if your own messaging guide could use some touch-ups.

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