Fowler Packing's Sean Nelsen Discusses Table Grape Program

Thu. September 3rd, 2020 - by Anne Allen

FRESNO, CA - Growing up in California, table grapes were synonymous with luxury, taste, and appeal. As varietal advancements have furthered these connections, it is companies like Fowler Packing who take the variety innovation one step ahead. To learn more about the grower’s program, I chatted with Sean Nelsen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Sean Nelsen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Fowler Packing“Consumers love California grapes and two of the best are the Sorbet and Jack’s Salute, because these grapes offer the consumer an amazing eating experience with big crunch and a sweet flavor,” he remarked. “When you ask consumers what they look for in grapes, they immediately identify the crunch or the flavor. The Sorbet variety is a premium green seedless grape that delivers on both; it appeals to everyone who likes a super crisp, sweet, refreshing grape. The Jack’s Salute is a grape that is very consistent and drives sales by offering any red seedless fan a trusted eating experience.”

As the current crop of both varieties is coming off nicely, the fruit itself is showing strong sizing and bunch development.

Fowler Packing's table grape program includes Sorbet and Jack's Salute varieties

“These are newer premium varieties, and the ranches are coming into peak production so volume is there to support promotions,” Sean explained to me. “We have seen great success with both Sorbet and Jack’s Salute being offered for four to six weeks as pick of the season promotions. We are seeing strong export demand for both as they have global recognition. Fowler ships to Australia, Asia, and Southeast Asia, as well as Canada and Mexico.”

Sean noted that the market is currently seeing very engaged consumers, and promotions are the key to keeping them that way.

In order to drive sales this season, Fowler Packing recommends driving promotions to keep consumers engaged and eager to buy

“Promotions will drive sales, so we need to focus on driving promotions to capture incremental sales. People are looking for a trusted purchase, and the best way to communicate the quality and consistency of a product is with a clean shelf and clean displays. The consistent look on the shelf exudes confidence in the offering,” he commented.

Need an excuse to spice up your grape program? Retailers, look no further.

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