Giumarra to Bring New Zealand Meyer Lemons, Pears, and DIVA Apples to North America

Thu. June 11th, 2015
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

LOS ANGELES, CA - Giumarra Wenatchee is starting its New Zealand summer imports with apples, pears, and Meyer lemons throughout the season.

Jason Bushong, Division Manager, Giumarra Wenatchee“The growing season for New Zealand has been optimal, and our Meyer lemons have good coloring and size,” said Jason Bushong, Division Manager for Giumarra Wenatchee. “We are excited to debut our new Nature’s Partner branded 1-lb. handle bag. This packaging continues to enhance the volume per purchase for many applications in the kitchen and entertaining.”

Meyer lemons are available on both coasts through September. Air shipments are currently available, with vessel shipments due to arrive by the first week of July, according to a press release.

Giumarra Wenatchee will also be importing apples from New Zealand, spearheaded by Lemonade, exclusively grown by Yummy Fruit Co. of New Zealand. The company is introducing the DIVA apple to North American consumers, a high brix, firm, red-colored apple that’s unique to New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay.

DIVA Apples

Giumarra’s apple lineup also includes Fuji, Gala, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Cripps Pink, and Red Delicious. For pears, Giumarra will offer Comice, Taylor’s Gold, and Angélys varieties.

Scott Ross, Eastern Region Business Manager, Giumarra“We see retail success when sampling our unique varieties, such as with the Lemonade apple and Angélys pear,” said Scott Ross, Eastern Region Business Manager for Giumarra. “Consumers really connect to new flavors of their favorite items.”

Giumarra offers a range of promotional tools for its customers, including point-of-sale materials and in-store event planning.