Giumarra Enters Agreement with G&R Farms to Provide Year-Round Sweet Onions

Wed. May 18th, 2016
- by Jessica Donnel     

LOS ANGELES, CA - Giumarra has announced a new agreement with Glenville, Georgia-based G&R Farms that will see the company adding sweet onions to its product line. Under the agreement, Giumarra will help market G&R’s onion crop, and while G&R is known primarily as a premier Vidalia® onion grower, the company also offers a vertically-integrated supply of sweet onions grown in Peru, Mexico, and Texas. 

Walt Dasher, Co-Owner, G&R Farms“I was aware of Giumarra as a family-owned company with values similar to ours,” explains Walt Dasher, Co-Owner of G&R Farms. “Once we met in person and shared our marketing goals and ideas, we found that there was a lot of common ground and it would be beneficial to partner. We hold their size and capabilities in high esteem.”


G&R Farms, a small family farm started in 1945, has expanded to become one of the longest-standing growers, marketers, and shippers of Vidalia onions in its region, according to a press release. G&R currently farms nearly 1,000 acres of onions in Georgia, and works with Latin American growing partners to provide its 52-week supply

John Reese Franklin, Sales and Operations Manager, Giumarra Southeast“We greatly respect the excellent reputation for quality and heritage the Dasher family has established under G&R Farms,” says John Reese Franklin, Sales and Operations Manager of Giumarra Southeast. “We look forward to servicing our retail and foodservice customers with ample supplies of sweet onions.”

G&R’s growing partners in Peru, Mexico, and Texas use the same sweet onion varieties G&R uses for its Georgia crop, thus ensuring quality and mild, sweet flavor, the company explains. Only onions grown in a select 20 South Georgia counties can be marketed as Vidalias, which G&R’s Georgia growing operations qualify for. 

Kristina Lorusso, Midwest Business Development Manager, Giumarra“Given that sweet onions represent the largest share of onion sales and are immensely popular with consumers, we are very excited about this opportunity,” says Kristina Lorusso, Midwest Business Development Manager for Giumarra. “One of the many reasons we were so eager to form a partnership with G&R is their state-of-the-art facilities. Because of their storage capacity and excellent crop quality, it is highly likely we will have Vidalia onions available through October.”

The sweet onions are offered under the G&R label, in the following sizes:

  • 10-lb. bulk boxes
  • 25-lb. bulk boxes
  • 40-lb. bulk boxes
  • 2-lb. bags
  • 3-lb. bags
  • 5-lb. bags
  • 10-lb. bags
  • 25-lb. bags

Giumarra will launch this new product with a contest-driven collaboration featuring Vidalia sweet onions and California-grown avocados, just in time for the Fourth of July grilling promotions.

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