Gourmet Trading Company Brings Its Annual Futbol Challenge Back to PMA Fresh Summit

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Thu. October 15th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura-Wright

LOS ANGELES, CA - PMA weekend is about to kick off, and so is Gourmet Trading Company.

The year-round distributor of fresh asparagus and blueberries has announced its 2nd Annual Futbol Challenge in honor of the 2015 PMA Fresh Summit Convention and Expo.  

“This is a chance for us to bring our employees and growers together in a friendly competitive atmosphere to encourage team building and invest in new and old relationships alike,” stated Procurement Manager, Luciano Fiszman. 

Gourmet Trading's Futbol Team

Starting right before the Fresh Summit festivities, Gourmet Trading will invite both company employees and growers of its asparagus and blueberries to go head to head in a good ol’ fashioned futbol face off. The company has gone all out for the event, according to a press release, with afterward plans to provide an authentic Southern catered meal complete with asparagus and blueberries on the menu.  

“This is a perfect way to introduce our new employees to the culture and mission at Gourmet,” continued Fiszman. “We are eager to put everyone in good spirits and make the PMA weekend a success for all.” 

See you there at PMA, get ready to score some goals!

Gourmet Trading Company