Grimmway Farms Launches TRUE Organic Mid-Year Resolutions Sweepstakes

Mon. August 1st, 2016 - by Jordan Okumura

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Any day is a good day to start a healthy habit. With that resolve in mind, Grimmway Farms is launching its TRUE Organic Mid-Year Resolutions Sweepstakes on the company’s social media channels. With #MidYearResolutions creating new possibilities, Grimmway is providing a great opportunity to talk up TRUE Organic with friends, family, and customers in the produce department.

Kellen Stailey, Senior Director of Marketing & Merchandising, took the time to share the details around this new campaign with me, and how it is as good for the retailer as it is for the consumer.

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Kellen Stailey, National Merchandising Diretor, Grimmway Farms

“The vision behind this campaign, is to inspire our audience to make TRUE Organic a part of their daily, healthy habit. The campaign focuses on "how-to" incorporate TRUE into their every day and to stick with the program by leveraging known, attainable methods for building new habits,” Kellen tells me. “Creating a buzz around TRUE will ultimately increase the ring at the register and we hope it will continue to make the produce department a destination at retail.”

While consumers start the New Year with healthy eating resolutions, Grimmway reports that by mid-year, 92% of those resolutions made in January are abandoned and back to the drawing board we go.

So how does this TRUE Organic Mid-Year Resolutions Sweepstakes work? Kellen tells me that TRUE Organic is giving a reset button to those who may have fallen short on their New Year's resolutions or want to re-energize their current habits.

“TRUE Organic can be the catalyst for a healthy habit, and we will offer helpful tips to get there, and even throw in a sweepstakes to help motivate them down a healthier, happier path,” she adds. “We are asking our fans to share their Mid-Year Resolutions for a chance to win six months of TRUE Organic."

How to Enter:

  • Facebook: Like or Comment to Enter
  • Instagram: Follow: @TRUEOrganic and comment to Enter using campaign hashtag
  • Twitter: @reply to enter using campaign hashtag #MidYearResolutions
  • The sweepstakes kicked off 8/1/16 and will run through 8/28/16. The winner will be announced 8/29/16. 

By introducing the Mid-Year Resolutions concept, Grimmway hopes to rally its fans around the versatile, delicious, and healthy organic juice line by removing the disappointment that comes with a failed New Year’s resolution and inspiring them with a new beginning. Because new beginnings don’t have to happen just once a year!

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