Harvest Sensations' School Lunch Snack Pack Wins New Product Innovation Award at the PRO*ACT Sales and Procurement Conference

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Thu. April 28th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Harvest Sensations was recently named the New Product Innovation Award winner at the annual PRO*ACT Sales and Procurement (S&P) Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. The company was awarded the accolade in recognition of the unique yellow school bus packaging design for its School Lunch Snack Pack products.

Doug Ranno, President, Harvest Sensations“We are honored to receive the New Product Innovation Award for our popular school bus snack program design,” said Doug Ranno, President of Harvest Sensations, in a statement. “We think that the diversity of products we can offer in the unique and easily recognizable school bus box design will give our customers a unique point of difference when servicing school lunch programs all across the USA.”

Harvest Sensations School Bus

Every year, the S&P Conference features new and exciting products in the show’s New Product Showcase. Foodservice distributors from across North America select the winner of the New Product Innovation Award. 

Harvest Sensations, based in Los Angeles, distributes snow and snap peas, asparagus, beans, herbs, specialties, a line of organic produce, and various value-added warehouse and logistics services.

Pictured in the photo from left to right: Charles Gilbert (Harvest Sensations Board President), Doug Ranno (President), Diana Rios (Sales Account Manager), Terri Fletcher (Director of Business Development), Tony Pinto (Global Director of Sourcing & Procurement), Rachel Monteagudo (Sr. Sales Account Manager)

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