Industry Veteran Andy Tudor Explores New Marketing Horizons

Tue. April 21st, 2020 - by Jordan Okumura

YAKIMA, WA - 2020 has introduced a period of change and evolution across the fresh produce industry—and many in the business are taking this fresh decade as a chance to explore new avenues and discover fresh opportunities, including Andy Tudor. The industry veteran is making moves in 2020 as he looks to a horizon full of possibilities. Formerly with Rainier Fruit Company, Tudor has turned to a new opportunity in his company, AT Ag Consulting.

Andy Tudor, Founder, AT Ag Consulting“It was difficult to leave Rainier, but I was proud to have served our customers and helped them grow their business for nearly eight great years,” Tudor remarked in a recent press release. “Our industry is built on relationships and collaboration, and never has that been more apparent than during the last month. I’m excited to bring my talents to new organizations looking to grow their business and offer innovative programming and sales leadership.”

In this endeavor, he will offer specialized marketing strategies, operational efficiency reviews, business development planning, and consulting services.

Tudor began his career in ag early, graduating with a degree in ag economics and commencing on accruing 30-plus years of experience. He knows the inside and out of the industry, including production, quality services, sales, marketing, and business development.

Utilizing more than 30 years of industry experience, Andy Tudor has turned to a new opportunity within his company, AT Ag Consulting

In his career, he has held a sales position with Holtzinger Fruit, in which he handled retail and international sales. Tudor worked in a similar position with L&M Companies, where he facilitated sales and marketing for seven years and grew the company’s retail sales by 70 percent. His role as Director of Marketing at First Fruits Marketing allowed him to tackle new sales and marketing initiatives, including the launch of Opal apples and the marketing campaign Take a Bite out of Hunger that further elevated his position in both the fresh produce and the apple industry.

The press release also states that Tudor joined Rainier in 2012 and took part in growing the company's multiple new programs with numerous corporate retailers, increased sales and volume, and was also part of the team that earned vendor awards at Costco and Whole Foods.

As for his new endeavor, AT Ag Consulting is available for organizations, brands, or individual growers on a variety of projects, including sales planning, marketing and promotions, quality and spec development, data management, and organizational efficiencies.

Congratulations to Andy on this exciting next step!